Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today we are free
but it is a day of mixed emotions
a day of celebration and mourning
a day of smiles and tears
a day of joy and sorrow.
On this day in 1945
We overcame the enemy
our land became ours once more
but the victory was not free
we paid dearly for our freedom
we paid with lives
the lives of our brothers in arms
So today we celebrate our freedom
with joy and smiles
but also with sorrow and tears
for those we loved and lost
Today we are free.
We wear our uniforms with pride
as we parade for our Prince
our wives, children and grandchild
but in our hearts and minds
we are still captive
captives of the memories of that time
so today we celebrate and mourn
and remember.


Written by Maria Sutherland 1998

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