Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update for eligibility: still waiting!

Update on my application; I thought that I was very meticulous with my application but alas this was not the case; there is particular certified list of people that are required and I used a university academic which is not allowed;
the Certified List for AHPRA

Justice of the Peace, Bail Justice, Registrar or Deputy Registrar
 Commissioner for Declarations, Commissioner for Oaths, Commissioner for Affidavits (dependent on jurisdictions)
 Lawyer
 Accountant (member of the ICA, ASA, NIA or CPA)
 Registered members of the teaching profession
 Member of the police force
 Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff
 Public Notary
 Permanent staff member of AHPRA (I think it would be easier to take your certificates and copies into your local office to be certified)

Second I have written a two page letter to the Chair of the NMBA to ask why they are asking for the last 5yrs of experience (Statement of Service) instead of the 3 yrs required by the Registration Standards; I did send a letter from a manager who did deem me competent, however did not address the ANMC competencies, this was rejected for that reason. Finally why when we have successfully completed the Midwifery Practice Review (MPR) do you require a letter from a manger addressing the ANMC competencies? the goal posts keep moving;

Anyway I have resent my documents certified in the correct manner by a commissioner of declarations (a pharmacist) together with the letter asking for clarification and I have had no response to date. I have also forwarded this information onto the National ACM as evidence of issues relating to applying for eligibility; Really this process is cumbersome and unacceptable. I guess these issues will come up at the next Board meeting which I think is the 18th November; just as well I am not in a hurry, I feel for those midwives who do need this urgently;


Sue said...

Goal posts moving seems to be a common theme with 'the powers that be' Pauline

InfoMidwife said...

thanks Sue for your comment, yes it seems to be the theme with power; but we must soldier on :)

Sarah Stewart said...

I don't know how you ozzie midwives can stand it...I wouldn't engage with this process for all the tea in China...I thought things were bad enough in New Zealand!

InfoMidwife said...

trouble Sarah is what do you do? any tips welcome :)

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