Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm feeling very relieved and excited:

I am so grateful my life is filled with love, passion, abundance and excitement;
I was so relieved that my exams are over for this semester, I had forgotten how you stress when you feel under pressure to perform in examinations... I do wonder the value of examinations.... for two hours I regurgitated information, not necessarily in a organised fashioned, everything I knew relating to the topic I just vomited it onto the paper, so much so that my hand was sore from all that writing.... you know we are just not use to that type of writing any more...why don't they move with the times....we should have computers....automatic spell check, legible writing.... I did think the faster I was writing to get the information down before my time was writing was getting worse... and was thankful I was not marking these that would be a nightmare....the topics were broad and I should think hard not to be subjective when marking..... Well enough about that it is finished and forgotten until I get my results;

Marking is all done....and most of the students did well.....just amazing how much you can fit into a day.....

Tomorrow I am off to Tanzania...the spare bed is full of what should be going into my suitcase....with the uniforms....nice starch white tops...and navy blue three quarter pants....emmmmm..... aprons, gowns, gloves, etc etc etc....oh and all the books we are donating to the midwifery library.....I have been reading up on all sorts of exciting treatments.... and life in Tanzania.... bought my US dollars...not that there will be much time for any shopping....and got the first aide kit.

We are going on a Safari ...the middle weekend we are there.... I am waiting in anticipation of all that we will see and experience over the next two weeks... I am sure that I will experience many things... and be ever grateful for the wonderful country we live in.... this space for updates.... or the report when I get back....i guess it depends on several factors...internet....and time. take care until next time;

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Anonymous said...

What an exciting opportunity Pauline. Look forward to your blogs

Jody said...

Oh my goodness I hope you enjoy your travels!! Im one of your midwifery students and would love to be able to do that!! but alas with 3 kiddies at home Im pretty sure they will miss me if I take off!! ENJOY!

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