Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Homebirth in the news again.......negative press: when will it stop?

Homebirth is never long out of the news: strangely enough it is usually in the negative; When will doctors learn that it is not an issue of HOMEBIRTH it is an issue of CHOICE; Choice for women not doctors;

The Weekend West's headline was "Ban pleas on 'risky homebirths' now it is hard to openly discuss the leaked draft report - yesterdays front page of the West "Two quit as row over homebirths escalates" relating to the same leaked report, now calling for the Government Funded Programme supporting homebirth for low risk women:

I can not tell you how many midwives have quit due to lack of choice for women and lack of autonomy in the work never makes the front page of the newspaper this is doctor driven against the choice for women to have midwifery led care;

It is time again for women to stand up and be counted even if you would not choose a homebirth....this is far more than having a baby at home it is about how you as a woman make choices about your body..... most women will choose what is best for their babies....and do not have to be dictated to by the medical profession about how to do is our bodies, our choice our life...... this is paternalism at its best... there is no grantee in life... and unfortunately babies do die....Babies also die in hospital.....there are many iatrogenic injuries that are caused in hospitals.... women are and have been traumatised in hospitals by the health professional... so don't try to say that having a baby in hospital is any better, in fact for the low risk women it can be devastating and equally for the high risk situations,.......

I cannot respond to the draft report because it is published yet, this is scaremongering at its best; Now midwives have the right to Medicare and can provide more options for women...the doctors are playing dirty........I wonder who leaked this information?

Things you can write to your local Member of Parliment... with your concerns about lack of choice.....

Remember this is about choice for place of birth....not just homebirth...making the issue about homebirth is this space.... for the release of the report.

Picture from Bring Birth Home: have a look at this website... and read her story:

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