Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Festschrift to celebrate the careers of two remarkable women:

I was privileged today to find myself sitting amongst many wonderful people and some great academics, I heard many wonderful stories of two amazing women who have had diverse and awe-inspiring careers which has had tremendous impact on the midwifery profession and will do for many years to come, Pat Brodie & Nicky Leap.

Until today I did not know what a “Festchrift” was, I meant to look it up on the internet….but just did not get round to it…. So was relieved today when I heard lots of people had no idea what it was…..and that it actually means “a living book of your life” a celebration of your career by others on the occasion of retirement, what a fantastic idea, just brilliant….. Someone likened it to being at your own funeral, except you are there to enjoy it….. but then Pat said it would be a very long funeral” ….. to me it really is a bit like “this is your life”.

There was opportunity for great networking….. Too many wonderful people to name them all …. Besides you all know who you all are…great to see you and have a chat…. The energy and inspiration goes a long way to maintaining your enthusiasm for when you get home… and need to carry on the task of change and ensuring women have choice and midwifery care…….

For me it was an inspirational day, the room was filled with liveliness….. my soul was rejoicing at the many possibilities for midwifery…..if only we had this sort of leadership everywhere in Australia….some places are truly isolated and continue to have an uphill battle…..we need to spread the talent….

Key take home messages that resonated for me ……
“Square peg in around hole” - midwives
“The less you do the more you give” – care in labour
“Every woman needs a midwife and sometimes a doctor too” - collaboration
“Community based continuity of care for all risk categories of women” – private practice
“The key is good collaboration”
“Morbidity of women during childbirth is only going to increase due to repeat caesarean sections and the obesity crisis…..” – Obstetrician
“Midwives are essential for primary care”
“Address the equalities of women and birth”
"From little things big things grow - Group practice

A truely wonderful time in Sydney..... the only downside was that I didn't stay an extra day or two do some shopping.....not that I have money for

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homebirths in the news again....

It is interesting that the debate is always around it safe or not.... however should we ban hospital births because babies die there as well. The language used "doctors divided" "the Health Dept" is allowing homebirth to continue... where is the choice factor here for women.. in fact where is the discussion with the women... in what other form of health treatment do you get autonomy so blatantly ignored as in this one...if someone refuses treatment the doctors accept this ...why is it so different in this instance.... Women have the right to choose where and how to birth....a well informed woman will make the right decision for herself and her where do I see any of these considerations here.

See the full story on 6 minutes Doctors divided over homebirth reports
We all know that statistics can be manipulated.... and the figures don't break down the women who choose to birth at home when they know their baby is going to die through an abnormality.

I would also like to know if BBA (Born before Arrival not planned homebirth) and en route births are registered as a hospital or homebirth.... also we know that statistics can be manipulated to which ever outcome you want....the figures also do not separate the women who choose to have a homebirth whose baby has an abnormality:

The other group of women that are missing from the report are the ones that Freebirth.... this is an unknown entity...we know it happens and these figures would alter the homebirth outcomes.... so really we still don't have a good indication as to the statistical value of the current outcomes.

The more the medical profession demand that women birth where they want them to the more the divide will grow…. It is time to listen to what women want…. The choice to have information and make and informed choice whether it is one the medical profession agrees with or not…... It is called autonomy. Dome doctors are openly hostile about homebirth. It is about communication, trust, building a therapeutic relationship, not based on fear, it is about being flexible and learning new ways of doing and communicating with women about birthing options.

The one thing that’s a reality is that women are being bullied and made to feel guilty, for choosing a homebirth. Their autonomy is being eroded and paternalism reigns supreme. It is time to change this……its about informed choice and autonomy.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Medicare and the Midwife

The journey to obtaining Medicare Provider number has been an interesting one..... Now to learn all the things I need to know about what and how I can claim......
The Medicare provider number is a unique number issued by Medicare Australia to registered health professionals. They are also used to identify health professionals. As a health professional you need a provider number for each location you work..... Therefore I have two... one for the office and my home is the other one.
Currently a midwife can use the provider number to refer to a specialist or for pathology and diagnostic imaging, once we have done the required course in pharmacology then we will be able to also prescribe......
A provider number does not necessarily mean you can attract Medicare benefits for the services you provide.
Before a health professional can attract a Medicare benefit, they must satisfy legislative requirements set out in the Health Insurance Act 1973 which for midwives is the Determination – see Midwife Reform Legislation Fact Sheet.
Medicare has a great online service which makes it easier for you to do business with Medicare Australia; It will make claiming and downloading forms much easier.....also online e-learning, I just completed a couple of e-learning packages.. can't wait for the prescribing course.... one would think that this would of been in place already.
I think it is great that women will be able to claim for midwifery services.... it is long overdue....

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