Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teaching Nursing Ethics & Law – Singapore

It is great when you are passionate about your job/work because you give it 110% and it is so satisfying. I consider myself so fortunate to be able to go to Singapore every year to teach post-graduate nursing students an ethical and law unit. However in doing so I appreciate the enormous cultural diversity that Singapore has to offer and learn something new about myself, each trip. This year I was particularly tired and needed some time to recharge my battery. I know that seems a contradiction of terms, 12 hours of intensive teaching and time to recharge.... well it is about spending time doing what you love and doing what you want to do.... without fear or recrimination...... not having to please anyone except yourself.....it’s about finding a balance.

Strangely as a mother, you are always a mother you are never considered ‘anything else’ as you have roles and responsibilities within society. I find when I go away...... I can be ‘whoever I want’ time for ‘me’ without having to be anyone else. Don’t get me wrong.... I am enormously proud of being a wife, mother, nanna, and miss my family immensely when I am away, but miss being able to express me as ‘me’. I think that men get the better deal..... Because even if they are a father, it does not change how they are viewed within society.....they seem to be considered the superior sex and why because they are a man.....They seem to be able to do whatever, and it does not matter if they are a father or not.... they are just ‘men’. I am sure as hell going to come back as a ‘man’ in my next life.

I love the life style of Singapore.... it’s a vibrant clean city, with a low crime rate, taxis are like getting into a freezer and the people are polite. The choice of shopping is enormous and the shopping hours are extended late into the night.... as opposed to Perth’s draconian shopping hours & choices.

Singapore is a mix of an old colonial world (The Raffles Hotel for a Singapore Sling at extortionate prices but it has to be done, of course not a Singapore fling) and a modern city with a great MRT (underground rail system)...... the contrast is staggering at times and it’s such a romantic city, I can imagine a clandestine liaison happening, something straight out of a Barbara Cartland book... Singapore at Christmas time is beautiful..... Ian and I spent a pre Christmas here a few years ago... and this time it was even more beautiful... the city is lit up like a Christmas tree.

There are many, many temples, of which this trip I only visited one the ‘Buddha Tooth Relic’ Temple...... it has to be one of my favourite temples....spending time quietly sitting, watching, reflecting and admiring the exquisite beauty.
China Town is another favourite, with its bargains, massages and outdoor eating....

The Intercontinental Hotel is sheer indulgence..the staff are excellent... one more mix of old and new world Singapore...... having room service, is just sheer luxury..... And I love it.... Breakfast in the Olive Tree Restaurant with Mr Wong cooking your eggs just how you want them..... Watching business people wheeling and dealing over meals.... it really is a different world. I have to say the only thing I really dislike is the Humidity...... I don’t know why I put make up and blow dry my hair in the mornings because as soon as I step outside it’s like my internal body temperature turns on a tap and I am dripping wet...... not a good look.

My favourite shopping centre has to be Takashimaya and the Kinokuniya bookshop.... I also found the Harrods store in basement 2 of the Takashimaya Fantastic..... Ian will be disappointed..... Major purchases this trip....... pearls magnificent pearls...... couple of books both work and pleasure....kids silk dressing gowns. and a couple of electronic gadgets..... Not much really.

I get great satisfaction from teaching.... however the proof will be in the pudding when the assignments are ready for marking. Most of the students are enthusiastic, try very hard, and they work hard, I do admire the fact that they work full time and then come in for their classes after work or on the weekend for the lectures. I had a good uptake of students considering it is not compulsory for them to attend. It is challenging teaching professional issues, (ethics) in Singapore; there are several issues to be mindful of... namely different values and morals. Also fundamentally the attitude is ‘doctor knows best’ and nursing is viewed as a subservient role..... My aim is to empower the nurses to be evidenced based and not to be afraid to stand up for what they believe is right, to advocate for the patient together with empowering patients and not be paternalistic in their care. I managed to also visit a couple of hospitals this trip.... watch for the next blog....


Berry Digital Designs said...

Was that the drink you had for my birthday?

Sounds like you had a nice time away. Will have to catch up sometime.

InfoMidwife said...

it was a Singapore Sling.....very sweet you would like it....

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