Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finally the assignments are finished..... visual learning...

Thank God the assignments are finished..... for the Graduate Certificate in Education...now I feel legitimate to teach... I keep saying this is the last course i am doing...but alas it never seems to be the case. The problem is, I think I have become a course junkie.... very sad... surprisingly, I do have a life... I just want to squeeze so much into it... and the goal post keeps moving..I finish a course and then have about a year off, I begin to think something is missing from my life....emm... let me see... not stressing enough, ah do another course... and then I examine where I might go next, you guessed it, another course rears its head and i think wow, would love to do that... and the cycle starts all over again. It does keep me on my toes for my students... as they appreciate I know how it is to meet dead lines... and I have heard every excuse under the sun... you know I never use them.....I just wonder if they are all true....I will give anyone a good deal, just don't take me for a ride... then there's no deal....

I have to say this has been the most challenging unit.. drawing is not something I am good at... i like the way it states in the unit outline..."you do not have to be good at drawing when doing this unit". Strange, then it comes to the assignments and you have to produce diagrams and illustrations and if you can't draw they look crap... therefore to me that equates to poor marks. However I was pleased with myself as I learnt more about power-point, you can actually trace pictures... a fantastic tool.. you can then change a photo into a diagram and it looks half decent.. then colour it as you like.. its great.

Muffin sits in my office keeping me company when I am working on my computer

I am just glad it is over for now... I just have to finish my marking and then prepare for next semester, changing unit outlines, setting new assignments and getting students to do more online work...like blogging... so i am going to be challenged and am looking forward to engaging the students more online.

Next month its time for Singapore again... more students and new challenges... its a great life.... bring it on....so exciting can't wait....watch this space... I will have to do some cooking for my lovely husband, so he doesn't have to worry about cooking whilst I'm away.... lets see what would he like... em might do a lasagna... that will last a couple of days... maybe the kids will ask him over for dinner, or he may go up the hill to visit his mates.... I'm sure he will have fun, without me nagging him to get some outside job completed... he might even surprise me and get the brick paving done!

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