Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas 2009

Christmas is always very special for me....I just love a child my experiences were mixed and really depended on what sort of report card I got as to how good my presents were. I remember clearly the year I found out the Father Christmas was not real. It was my own curiosity that got me and ever since then I always secretly wished Santa was real.

Now I go all out to enjoy Christmas and ensure that my family and especially the grandchildren enjoy Christmas..... no expense spared. I hired a Santa suit for the first year we had grandchildren and when I saw what a hit that was I bought the suit because I knew we would be using it for the years to come... this has been the third year Ian has put on the Santa suit... I must say I think he is finally resigned himself to the task... and I get my wish come true that Santa really does exist.

Dylan sent nanna to the naughty spot for kissing Santa Claus.....

I usually start by buying the grand kids toys in the July sale and lay by them for the next 6 months (easy storage) and pick them up Christmas week... and then get the wrapping done...because life is so busy the Christmas cake usually doesn't get done until a few weeks before and baked the week before... it still tastes good.

The menu gets sorted a week before Christmas and the turkey & ham ordered at that time.... I usually change the side dishes each year.... our Christmas is usually in the late afternoon early evening allowing the children to visit the in laws in the morning or lunch time.... This year we did discuss having Christmas somewhere else at one of the children's houses... but I really enjoy the whole ordeal and while I am young enough and able I want to continue the tradition....there will come a time when we wont be able to do it then it will go to the children to organise but not for a few years yet......God willing.

I am one to those obligatory Catholics the Easter and Christmas ones.the twice a year jobies.. that just can't give up those days... as they are so entrenched into my Psyche I cannot go without my fix of Christmas Carols. Speaking of Christmas Carols I usually like to go with my daughters and grandchildren so that they too can get a spiritual sense of Christmas by attending the Carols.

It is so much fun having all the family together... usually this is the time when somebody gets upset with somebody but no we had a brilliant time everyone had one thing in mind enjoying the moment..... and it was tremendous.... a ball was had by all.
There was presents galore... I do think the the children get too many toys... I think we will have to come up with an idea to buy the children not just toys but maybe some practical things for the year such as clothes, shoes, etc....the back garden looked like a toy shop... I am sure all the kids were delighted....

As for me my report card must of been good because I did very well with presents...books, DVDs, chocolates, jewellery, photo frames.... yes I have been spoilt... I have started reading Ian Smiths memoir - Bitter Harvest (Zimbabwe and the Aftermath of its Independence......very interesting...

We have entertained almost everyday since Christmas... having pool parties using up all the leftover food with all the kids and several of the grandchildren have had sleepovers... I think it is time for us to have a rest.... just the two of us now...before the New Year...... I need time to contemplate what my goals are for the coming year....and whether to proceed with my PhD.........

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