Thursday, April 29, 2010

Celebrating International Midwives Day 5th May....all over the world

"Since that time, it has been celebrated every year on May 5 and over 50 nations recognize its importance. Midwifery care is needed internationally. Midwives fill a special role in maternity care by decreasing maternal and neonatal mortality rates."

…the Women of Afghanistan, Graduating. What a great achievement this is....

This site is worth looking at....A Celebration of Women World HUB @ Wheel of Women Leaders that Care I just love these pictures..... it epitomises some of the challenges of women through out the world.... and makes me realise how lucky we are in Australia...... lets work together to make it a better world.....

"Midwives honor mothers and babies, and they believe in the ability to birth without unnecessary intervention. Celebrating this day will bring more positive publicity to midwifery care that will entitle women to a larger selection of birth choices."

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