Monday, April 12, 2010

RCNA offering freebee to student nurses.......

On reflection............It came to my attention when teaching the undergraduate nurses that the RCNA was offering free membership to student I pride myself on being pro-active and passing this enthusiasm onto the students... I thought what a great incentive for the students to have free membership to a professional body that offers them support, information, collegiality and professional support.... so I thought i would engage the students on a discussion about professional bodies and their usefulness and ask how many of the students had taken up the RCNA's offer of free membership.... to my surprise...not one of the 31 students had picked up on this fabulous offer.... this was a shock to me...when I asked them said she didn't know what the RCNA had to offer her , 2 others said it was for a limited time and the rest just were not interested.... is this a sign of the times? or a societal problem... do our students get everything to easy...? or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill.... I don't think so. I think that this is apathy starting as a student....yes I know students have a lot of work...but so does everyone... or maybe it is that they really do not appreciate the benefits of belonging to a professional body... or is this the problem with nursing... how many doctors do you think would never consider belonging to their professional body? I wonder if they have this problem?
It begs the question, do nurses and student nurses really believe in the profession of 'nursing' and its professional body? what do you do to increase membership to professional bodies?

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