Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrating International Midwives Day - Happy Day

Working at Watford Birth Centre 2001

Happy Midwives day to all midwives and women.....why am I a midwife.... because I love women and wanted women to have informed choice, information that enables them to birth how they choose. I was fortunate to complete my midwifery course in the United Kingdom where midwives work truly autonomously and they are respected by both the consumer and health professionals.

My vision is to see Midwives work autonomously in Australia with women.... for every pregnant woman to have a midwife....for women to be able to book in to see there midwife and have continuity of care with a named midwife.....and for this to be accepted practice....not for a select few.....this is the fundamental right for every woman....childbirth does not have to be a medical event...... childbirth is normal for a large percentage of women....women need informed choices about birth so this will enable them to make their own decisions about how they would like to birth their baby.

Becoming Conscious: "When we expand our thinking and belief, our love flows freely. When we contract, we shut ourselves off" Louise Hay.

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Anonymous said...

"thanks pauline, feel very old now ! can't believe it was 2001 but didn't we have a lovely time on abc at the start ? glad you look so happy and well. lol xxx"

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