Thursday, May 29, 2008

On our way to Glasgow! at last. Europe here we come!

Well the time has arrived, the office is bear, the work that's not done will just have to wait, the bags are packed and I am knackered, 3hrs left before we leave. However that wonderful natural drug called adrenalin is flowing like a torrent through my veins and keeping me awake whilst the rest of the house is asleep.
I am looking forward to the flight, I will be reading Thomas Faunce's new book "Who owns our health?" It is a book about ethics, politics, education and policy makers - it is very intersting, thought provoking. I will also be reviewing some articles related to sex whilst, during and after childbirth, so watch this space.........
I might even take in a movie if there is something worthy on. We are spending the night in Dubi then Glasgow on Saturday, the opening for the ICM is on Sunday. Will keep you posted, watch for the photos. Ciao!


Sarah Stewart said...

have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pauline,
Great to meet your blog! I hope your ICM congress is going well, it must be in full swing by now. I am a bit worried about all those midwives being let loose in Glasgow though, I know what the Scots are like! Hope you have a great trip (and your daughters don't 'pop' until you get home again)
Kind regards,
Sarah-Jane Plewright :)

Therese Higginson said...


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Therese Higginson said...

I meant CUSTARD POWDER (sorry)

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