Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Its Nanna time again! more grandchildren on the way!

It is really a busy time of year for me. Like tearing my hair out, the storm before the calm. I know it is meant to be the calm before the storm. I am trying to get this semester rounded off and get papers marked before I leave next week and get unit outlines ready for second semester. As well as tie off loose ends at the hospital. So busy, busy, busy.

Our trip to Glasgow has been planned since the Brisbane ICM 2005. Between Ian and I we have 6 children, you could call us the Brady Bunch. My daughter Faye got married in October last year and was planning another baby - At present we have 4 grandchildren and 3 on the way. Now we did say to all the children that we would be away around June/July 2008 so please do not get pregnant or have you babies around this time if you want us to be around. Maybe that's it we weren't meant to be around! no I don't think so.
Yes you guessed it, kids never listen, even when they are all grown up, maybe we should of said "go ahead have your babies" because guess what! Jodie is due the 15 July, Faye is due 12 July, and when do we return from our European jaunt - the 12 July. Now that is cutting it fine! At least Nikki is not due until October, that gives us a little breathing space.
This means I have my friends (midwives) as backups should any of them go early and need some assistance whilst mum/mother in law is away. It will make shopping in Europe more exciting having all these babies to buy for, however thank goodness for weight restrictions, meaning, we can not buy to much, which is good for me. I do have the tendency to buy too much.

Faye & Brendon's baby 20 weeks - due July
Jodie & Danny's baby picture is posted on the 19 March story in my blog.

Scott & Niki's baby 12 weeks - due October

I am looking forward to buying my Harrods Bears, might get one for all the girls (grandchildren).
9 days to go - then up up and away!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sarah Stewart said...

You should be buying presents for yourself, not those pesky children. :)

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