Sunday, May 18, 2008

Communication on the internet, should there be limitations?

There are so many forums in which we can communicate these days. The one I think that is surpassing all is the internet. You can blog, email, surf, myspace, facebook and many more that I do not even know. There seems to be little that you can not access these days. You might think that state secrets, identities and bank details are safe, however we often hear of breaches in these areas. Why? 'hackers' that is people who spend their time breaking into supposedly secure sites. If you want to know anything you just check one of the many search engines including the dominant 'Google'and it will give you endless information.
As a forum for communiction what limitations should be placed, if any, on the freedom of speech.

My question is, should this forum to be free of consequences in relation to the freedom of speech? let me explain further.
Is this a forum where we can say and write whatever we desire, without any fear of recrimination as we can be totally anonymous if we choose?
What is your opinon?

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Sarah Stewart said...

I am not commenting with an answer to this but rather to say that I am 'struggling' with this same sort of issue as I develop my comment policy for my blog as part of the 31 day comment challenge. I'll be interested to see what others think.

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