Monday, May 5, 2008

Celebrating International Midwives Day

5 May, International Midwives Day. As we all know this is a day of celebrating who we are: It is a day of promoting the profession of Midwifery.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises midwives as the health professionals best able to deliver safe, cost effective matenity services to the majority of families.
This is a day to celebrate, for every midwife to reflect about our profession and think of other midwives around the world.To make a consious effort to make new contacts within and outside midwifery and widen the knowledge of what midwives do for the women of the world.
Now don't you feel very special.

The education committee for the ACM WA Branch: Andrea, Alison, Me, Mo & Taryn

In Perth WA the Australian College of Midwives organised a day conference at Technology Park Bentley - the morning session was on Water Birth - labouring and birthing in water. The next session was by Lorraine Hale introducing her new program Birth Beyond Fear program - this is a wonderful program dealing with womens'fears surrounding birth, look up her website:
Lunchtime was the announcement of the Johnsons Baby Midwife of the Year Award. The afternoon was all about how to reduce work and life stressors - this was presented by Arlene Quinn a Life Coach followed by Body, Mind, soul Restoration presented by Many Bruford.
All in all it was a fantastic celebration and we had a great turn out of midwives. The day was also a sucess due to the collaboration with other organisations such as; Birthrites, Simply Birth, Autstralian Doulas, Community Midwifery WA and the many others that supported our celebration.

Midwife of the Year Julie with her baby, "congratulations mummy"

Networking at morning tea

KEMH educators/clinical tutors having a lunch time pose: Lorraine, Andrea, Me, Liz & Trish

Midwife of the year Julie & Natalie (J&J)

International Midwives Day was a great day, Curtin Universtiy celebrated this special day with all Postgraduate and Bachelor of Midwifery students recieving a special block of Midwifery chocolate, lunch, also door prizes of self nurtering packs - it was a great opportunity for networking - Every day should be a celebration of Midwifery.

Curtin University Postgraduate Midwifery & Bachelor Midwifery students

Happy Midwives Day!


Laura Jane said...

Thanks for the photos of the IMD event. Sadly I missed it for the first time in years due to being on the road as a visiting midwife - a dream come true for me! It looks like the event was terrific.

I haven't visitied your site for a while- it is coming along well Pauline. Thanks for the ethical and legal discussions - I think it is a really worthwhile aspect to keep in mind.

Another website I enjoy for the philosphical reflections is She calls herself "your kneeling woman". If that link doesn't work there is a link to it on my blogsite.

I'll be back!

Lorraine said...

Hi Pauline
What a great day was had by all. Thanks to your amazing organizational and planning skills. Thank you so much to the ACM WA branch Education Commitee.

Sarah Stewart said...

Glad to see you had a great day. Our day was a little less exciting but I did have an online conference with student midwives in Nashville so that was exciting.

I am collecting names and stories of midwives who have inspired us - would love to hear if you have a name or two. cheers Sarah

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