Thursday, June 5, 2008

ICM opening ceremony: 28 Triennial Congress

International Confederation of Midwives – Glasgow Congress 1-5 June 2008

The opening:

ICM president welcomes the world’s midwives from 90 countries, 3500 midwives came to Glasgow to share, learn, network and have fun.
Dame Karlene Davis opened the 28th Triennial Congress of the international Confederation of Midwives. The Dame made special tribute to the 475 Australians, 200+ New Zealand, and the 150ish Canadian midwives that attended, by far the Aussies made the most noise.

On a more serious note the Dame also said she wanted ‘to see an urgent international summit to reverse the trend of mothers dying in the 50 countries unable to meet the requirements of the millennium development goals in 2015. The Prime Minister Gordon Brown welcomed all the delegates, and thanked the midwives of the world for their hard work. He also ‘wanted to mobilise a new campaign’ to reduce the number of women dying each year in childbirth, which stands at half a million.
It has been a long time since I had to stand and sing “God Save the Queen” it bought back many memories of growing up in NZ.

The opening was spectacular, with entertainment from the traditional District Pipe Band, what extraordinary talent the Scottish pipers have. The Scottish Opera with its orchestra, soprano Kate Valentine and Tenor Federico ALepre were sensational – The RCM choir were brave, Irish dancers – the children were fantastic, the amazing talent of the Scottish youth theatre the Welsh choir was superb, but what got us dancing in the isles were The Cavern Beatles from Liverpool – just awesome.
It was a proud moment sharing this opening with 3500 midwives all working towards the same goal, working together to save lives of women and babies, providing the best evidenced based, informed choice to women. I feel so inspired and proud to be a midwife.

I was at this point asked to represent the Australian contingent to meet The Princess Anne, to dress in national costume and meet the princess woh, I was chosen randomly – God knows why me! My first thought was, I have to learn how to curtsey, that can't be that hard surely, what a day!
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Sarah Stewart said...

Looks like you're having amazing fun. Life is pretty dull here but I did go to the preview of 'Sex and the city" which was fabulous.

Anonymous said...

pauline - it is jennie - good lord - fingers crossed that your knee will hold up to the curtsey???? Gey some pictures for the newsletter back here. Good to see janice had a wine in her hand. looks fantastic - thinking of you all. prayers were with you and ian on the flight over - i gather all is well.

have a ball - woohoo

Carolyn said...

Fantastic to meet you in person Pauline, thanks for coming to my presentation and making the very important point about professional discretion when blogging. You have been busy with your camera haven't you. I have put our photo on my blog now
I am missing the closing as I have come down with a dose of the flu but i have had a great time.

infomidwife said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the comment, it really is amazing here.

Hi Jennie, yes the flight over was good, Dubai was 43 degrees when we landed thats another story - the knee held out for the curtsey! and yes there has been lots of wine. Hope all is well with you and you are not to snowed under with us all away keep smiling :) Ciao

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