Saturday, January 1, 2011

My plans for 2011

It would not be a New Year without setting some goals, writing them on your blog makes it harder to break and you are more accountable.... I find it very useful each year to reflect on the year gone by and plan for the following year... some of my goals are as a result of reflecting the year gone bye..... one decision I have come to as a result of my trip to Tanzania is to spend more time on my spirituality. Equally importantly I need to reduce my stress levels.

Spirituality: - Dharmapala Buddhist Centre – starting January 2nd with a week guided meditations – I am committing to the first week four sessions a day for the first two days.... and then two evening session for the rest of the week... then I will do the evening sessions... My aim is to meditate each day and go at least once or twice a week to a group mediation to keep me focused.

Study – Must complete my assignments on time.... devote more time to my study and learn to say “No” to anything that interferes with it......

CeMGP – Centred Midwifery Group Practice – much is required this year, I am so excited about the success of this practice...continuity of care is the focus... advertising, clientele, staff..... I am really excited about this business and its growth.... the website and blog is coming by the end of January.

Work – I have reduced my teaching hours.... starting a new curriculum therefore much work is required for my units.... Singapore is exciting and challenging...and I am not ready to give this up... I am looking forward to meditating in the temples when I next visit.

Clinical Practice – I will be signing up for casual midwifery work...the decision is which hospital and probably a shift or two a week...

It is an exciting year and I am really focused this year on getting my spirituality & study on track then every else will fall into place.

6 Key points to keep in mind this year;
Spend less, watch my weight, be less wasteful, exercise 5 out of 7 days, meditate everyday, keep a work life balance.

I am determined and dedicated as always to put women and midwifery first for greater choices for childbirth.

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Sarah Stewart said...

Sounds like you've got a heap on this year as well as me. I think our mental health has to be our top prioity in 2011.

Good luck :)

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