Sunday, January 23, 2011

Insurance for Midwives:

Now that I have a Medicare Provider number & eligibility it's time to consider my insurance; the options that midwives have are:
A government supported insurance through MIGA (The Medical Insurance Group) or Mediprotect insurance;

The question you have to ask is which insurance do you choose? here is all the information: an important factor to consider is which company offers run-off-cover:

Read MIGA information Booklet:
Frequently asked questions:
Payment options:
Risk Managment workshops:
Maternity Care Plans & Collaboration
Product disclosure Statement:Application form:

Mediprotect - Vero - wording of policy document:
Application form:

As you can see from the summary of information available.. there is more information provided by MIGA than Mediprotect:

The most important factor for me is, I need intrapartum cover when birthing in a hospital as a private practice midwife and run off cover; therefore my choice of insurance will be governed by this; I have therefore applied with MIGA and will see how much my costs will be, although I have a good idea of what it will be.......

I have also sort guidance from my accountant and that I am fully aware of my is exciting times....

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