Friday, January 21, 2011

Medicare Provider Number:

At last I have my Medicare Provider Number.... yeah...First eligibility,(see blog how to apply for eligibility) then Medicare Number and Insurance... all set to go.... website, business cards, flyers, something is missing.... yes the "women" wanting continuity of midwifery care.... I have booked my first woman.... and so life goes on... poor Ian is wondering how we are going to pay for the insurance......???

Applying for a Medicare Provider Number is relatively easy, however I have to say for WA applications are not processed here they are sent to Canberra so might take a few extra days for this reason..... interestingly you have to provide a signed form for every address that you will be working from and you will receive a provider number for each location.... for example if I was to work out of two officers, I would give each address and for a home visit I will use my home address as the office... therefore potentially you could have several address and provider numbers...

I have sent my application for my MIGA insurance today... and hopefully that will take a week or so to sort out and then I am set to go.....this is an interesting journey.... a brave new world....

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