Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank you for a wonderful Christmas

I have not felt much like Christmas this year, partly I think it is that I have not had much lead up to Christmas: This is the first year I have not taken the grandchild to carols by candlelight.... something I really do enjoy:

Midnight Mass was uneventful, the Church was not over flowing... usually it is standing room only....but this year it was 3/4 full... there was a new priest...and I was not use to him,... I was not inspired by his sermon.. another first we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus... a strange concept for me... in all the years I have gone to Midnight Mass this was a first...I was less than impressed.... again I am not sure why....

Christmas morning for me is relaxing...the family come over late afternoon, however my daughter Kirsten (who stayed over to help) stated..."I've never known Christmas morning to be relaxing... preparing for Christmas dinner for 20 plus".... different concepts on what is relaxing... but you see for me that is relaxing....the thought of preparing a feast....pleasing all the children with a banquet of wonderful food, Turkey that melts in your mouth.... beef fit for a King, ham, asparagus salad, peas with pancetta,cauliflower gratin (made by Margaret K)green bean and broccolini balsamic salad, roast potatoes, pumpkin, stuffing balls, onions and of course Yorkshire puds and gravy: Fruit salad, Christmas cake, panettone, chocolates,,juice, beer.... etc.

Most of all I love it when Santa comes and gives all the children there presents... I love watching the excitement when they open their is such a delight. Christmas for me is about family, friends, children, love, giving, good food, laughter and fun....I had the best Christmas ever and I am so grateful for a wonderful family: God Bless You mum xx

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