Friday, December 24, 2010

First Eligiable Midwife for WA:

At last on my return from Tanzania I received a letter from AHPRA (16th Dec) that they had met on the 2nd December and have approved my application:

"An eligible midwife competent to provide pregnancy, labour, birth and post natal care and qualified to provide the associated services and order diagnostic investigations required for midwifery practice. In accordance with relevant State and Territory legislation.

Eligible midwife, but NOT qualified to obtain endorsement under section 94 to prescribe Schedule 2, 3, 4 & 5 medicines required for midwifery practice in accordance with State and Territory legislation".

It goes without saying that all midwives once you have successfully completed your course are by definition eligible midwives, we just have another criteria to get now for legislation and that is "eligibility" (three years experience post registration across the full scope of midwifery).... see the AHPRA website for more information.
A notation goes on the public register so that anyone can see if you are eligible or not.....
Next step is applying for a MBS provider number, I will be doing this between Christmas and the New Year;
One of next year's plan is to complete the Prescribing and Diagnostic courses....which are not up yet.....but will start following this up... Roll on the New Year..... NOW come on all you WA midwives start applying for eligibility:

ref pic:

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