Thursday, December 30, 2010

An extraordinary year:

As the end of the year sets and the New Year dawns we often think of the year gone by…at least I do…it seems to me that the years are getting busier and time is flying bye…this could be a reflection that I am getting older however I don’t feel older, but sure as hell my body keeps reminding that I am….

As this has been a humongous year in line with my recent trip to Tanzania I am going to list the 10 highs and lows of the year: it is so handy having a blog to look back on to jog the memory when so much happens in a year.

Top 15 highlights for 2010 – the order is not significant
Meeting the Prime Minister (K Rudd) & Health Minister
Listening to proceedings in Parliament and hearing the words 'midwife' 'midwifery' continuity of care' spoken so many times and in a positive light
Teaching in Singapore / Meeting up with friends in Sydney
Putting in Submissions / politically lobbying
24hr Virtual IMD Celebrations (Sarah Stewart)
Linda’s Holiday – Perth to Carnarvon – (being a Skype Midwife)
Sitting on Uluru….breathing in the atmosphere
Making a decision about my study – starting a new degree
News of a new Grandchild (April 2011)
Medicare Provider Number for Midwives
Gaining Eligibility
Starting Centred Midwifery Group Practice Inc (CeMGP)
My Tanzanian experience
Family, friends & some great work colleagues

The Grandchildren
Jasmine started Yr 1, Dylan Pre-Primary, Jessica Kindy
Talia coming into her own, starting to stand up for herself,
Sam, Isabella and Logan all going through the terrible two’s

Top 11 Disappointments:
The division over collaborative arrangements and the Determination 2010
Homebirth debate / Insurance issues
Miscarriage in the family
Election dirty politics
Factions within Midwifery
Lack of team work and loss of integrity from esteemed colleagues
Bullying issues
Muffin passed away
A better disciplinary process (Hospital) for midwives using their piers
son-in-law having a back operation
Seeking & acting on legal advice for defamation

As you can see the highs thankfully outweigh the disappointments….and my lists are not exactly 10…. See you have to be adaptable in life…best laid plans of mice and
Wishing everyone that reads my blog a happy, peaceful, safe and successful 2011:


Berry Digital Designs said...

Looks like you've had a busy year, what happened to slowing down?

I didn't realise Muffin had passed away, how sad :(

Who is giving you a new grandchild next year? That's exciting news.

Pam said...

it is always disappointing that as a profession we cannot 'stand united' and are so willing to stick the knife in each others backs at the first opportunity.

Maybe it is time for a College New Year resolution to be more supportive of each other!

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