Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time for Medicare Provider Numbers; it has only taken 24yrs

On the weekend I was in Melbourne and I was fortunate to hear this piece of information which made me sit up and think.... has much changed over 24yrs?..and if we miss this chance will it take another 24yrs?

Submissions concerning midwifery were received from the National Midwives Association the Royal Australian Nursing Federation, the New South Wales Nurses Association, the Launceston North Coast Home Birth Support Group and numerous Private individuals. ......Most of the submissions proposed that midwife be recognised on an equal footing with medical practitioners in respect of the payment of Medicare benefits for certain services associated with uncomplicated birthing........of the many medical and paramedical issues raised with this committee, the question of the payment of registered midwives generated the greatest depth of paramedical submissions addressed 25% were midwifery related......

Has much changed in 24 years..... we are on the brink of change.

Some midwives are confusing the Medicare Provider Number with the requirement of insurance. However the issue of insurance is a requirement of National Registration s129(1)registered health practitioner must not practise the health profession in which the practitioner is registered unless appropriate professional indemnity insurance arrangements are in force in relation to the practitioner's practice of the profession.

In order to have a Medicare Provider Number you need to be an eligible midwife... Have a look on the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board site to remind you what these requirements are;

The Health Insurance (Midwife and Nurse Practitioner) Determination 2010; for the Medicare Provider Numbers... check out the determination; the Midwifery services and fees range from $31.10 -$724.00 also is included 6 weeks of postnatal care...which is excellent for women and will also help provide greater postnatal care....

This is the beginning of new things, an opportunity of greater access for all women... however we must remember that unfortunately this does not include homebirth...therefore we need to more than ever keep the pressure on the government.. to pass this service fee onto women who choose a homebirth.....

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