Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do we ever learn from history?

I found this pearl:

In 1960 they asked 'Why are most mothers in this country delivered while lying flat on their backs? Traditionally it would seem thatwomen were delivered in a sitting position. Recently it has been re-discovered that this position can reduce pain fromsevere back-ache during labour. The sitting position also reduces by 23% the strain on the heart compared with therecument (sic) position. Many women find that lying on their backs during the second stage of labour is uncomfortable(especially so as they are so often required to do this on a high, hard, narrow "bed") - "like a stranded whale". Surely aproperly designed delivery chair would not be beyond the bounds of 20th Century ingenuity?’Sonia Willington, AIMS Newsletter 2

Why are we asking the same question 50yrs later?

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