Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Report concerns or risks......

Mandatory reporting is not only in Australia.... the UK is calling for more health professionals to blow the whistle...
NHS staff told to 'report concerns or risk investigation'
Health regulators should warn nurses, doctors and midwives they may be investigated if they fail to report concerns about colleagues, MPs say.

The General Medical Council (GMC), which regulates doctors, said it was committed to doing more in this area.

It is interesting that not many doctors report each other, the old school boy tie mentality is alive and well.... this is evident by the following statement;
The GMC is currently investigating doctors at Stafford Hospital whose own work was blameless, but who allegedly failed to report colleagues.

It seems though no one has a problem about reporting nurses and midwives.....
maybe the culture will change and there will be fairness about reporting all unsafe health practitioners or health practitioners that put the public at risk....

We have to remember it is about professional responsibility, being aware of professional codes and guidelines and aware of what is good and poor clinical practice. It is also about employers being open and transparent about what occurs within its institution and taking appropriate steps to rectify any untoward activities and not turning a blind eye. Clients have to be protected and advocated for by the health professional, not bullied or manipulated into receiving treatments they do not understand or want.

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