Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homebirth: A reminder July 2012 is looming

Following on from my previous blog which generated much discussion; lets remember the figures we are talking about: In Australia less than 1% of women homebirth: In the UK 10% of women homebirth and there is a call by doctors to increase that figure and have more 'low risk' birth centres and homebirth: I wish the AMA would say that:

The role of the midwife is clearly defined; anything outside of 'normal' needs collaboration with an obstetrician in partnership with the woman. However we do have some serious issues within maternity services that force women to birth alone (freebirth) which is unacceptable: as I have alluded to before partly due to there being no support or protection for the midwife under the legislation.

The Determination (National Health arrangements for Midwives) of 2010 set out the rules for collaboration which to this date has been difficult to secure. As far as I am aware there are only a few collaborative arrangements in this country, one of them being Melissa Maimann (Eligible Midwife) and Dr Andrew Pecese.

As privately practising midwives in Australia we are in real threat to losing the ability to support women at home for a 'normal' homebirth, so where will that leave HBAC, (homebirth after Cesarean section): HBAC needs to be done in collaboration with an obstetrician; come July 2012 the exemption for private practice midwives / independent midwives (these terms are used interchangeably) will cease to exist. If we or the government cannot secure insurance for Homebirth we will lose this right: and only publicly funded homebirth programs will exist.

As I have said before the consumer must help to take this forward: we saw the result from the Homebirth Rally in Canberra. We all have to work in partnership with , professional bodies and consumers: Women need to be asking their obstetricians for midwifery care: Ask your GP surgery, what is their position regarding Midwives; will they facilitate shared care with a midwife outside a hospital system? we need to focus on the AMA - we need to get them to the table and debate these issues with the consumer groups such as Childbirth Australia.

My real fear is that we will go down the same path as the USA (Pregnant and Miscarry....Do not pass go; Go directly to Jail) and we will lose rights for women and gain more fetal rights; choices for women will be limited due to legislation, we need to act now by working together and find a solution: One solution is for 'continuity of midwifery care'.

There is no quick fix to these issues, this will be a long slow political journey of negotiation to get what we want: which means providing different models of care, such as 'continuity of midwifery care' access to hospitals for privately practising midwives: the right of the midwife to support the informed choice the woman has made: This has to be a united journey not fragmented into separate issues, Homebith v HBAC or 'low risk' v 'high risk'.
We need to move towards 'every woman needs a midwife' and 'continuity of care'.

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Anonymous said...

I am really concerned about this! I loved having 2 homebirths that gave me healthy babies and wonderful birth experiences. Please fight for our midwives to continue to help us have amazing and natural births at home. I'm writing a letter to my federal member at the moment, I really encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

Save Homebirth

Home Birth Australia