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Privacy Act: patient consent to collect and disclose information:

This is a gentle reminder for all privately practicing midwives to get patient / client consent to collect and disclose information, especially now that there are eligible midwives: something else we have to set up for the practice........

All organisations that provide a health service are covered by the Privacy Act (whether or not they are small businesses). Organisations providing a health service include:
traditional health service providers such as private hospitals and day surgeries, doctors and specialists
• pharmacists
• allied health professionals such as psychologists
• complementary therapists like naturopaths and chiropractors and
• in some cases other services like gyms, fitness services and weight loss clinics, child care and schools (if they provide a health service and hold health information).

The National Privacy Principles set out how organisations should collect, use, keep, secure and disclose personal information. They cover collection, use and disclosure date quality
Further information on the new privacy legislation can be obtained from the Australian Privacy Commissioner’s web site

Don’t leave Privacy to chance:

10 steps to protecting other people’s Personal Information:

1. Collect only the information your require
2. Don’t gather personal information just because you can and just in case you require it
3. Tell people what you are doing with the personal information you are collecting
4. Consider whether you should be using personal information for a particular reason
5. Think about whether you need to divulge the information
6. If people ask, give them access to the personal information you hold about them
7. Keep personal information secure
8. Don’t keep information longer than you need to
9. Keep information accurate and up to date
10. Consider making someone in your organisation or agency responsible for privacy

Use and Disclose example: with my consent, the practice staff will use and disclose your information for purposes such as:
- account keeping and billing purposes
- referral to another medical practitioner or health care provider
- sending of specimens for analysis
- referral to a hospital for treatment and or advice
- advice on treatment options
- the management of our practice

Ensure that you gain the clients consent (best to have written consent) for the practice or midwife to collect, use and disclose personal information as outlined and I understand that I may withdraw my consent as to use and disclosure of my personal information......

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