Sunday, July 11, 2010

Homebirth hits the news again.

The other morning I woke to the news of "Danni Minogue is rushed to hospital for a Cesarean section, doctors save mother and baby in a Nick of time...Homebirth emergency",I was incensed. This was complete sensationalism by the media....Again today the headlines read: Minogue ditches home birth over safety fears's a way of grabbing headlines and selling newspapers again without having complete this current climate of Homebirth being the focus of news and the government not providing private practice midwives insurance cover. It almost seems like we will take any opportunity to bash Homebirth.
There was no mention of the good professional care that Danni received.... that the midwife is a professional who provides continuity of care and collaborates with other professionals, this includes knowing when to safely transfer care to a teritary unit...this is good midwifery care and excellent collaborative care.....ah but no, the media and some doctors decide to jump on the bandwagon and start to knock the woman's choice and demand that Homebirth is unsafe.....what was unsafe about what occurred....Danni would most likely have had the same outcome in a hospital birth.... women have the right to choose Homebirth and this case shows good collaborative care with the woman being the centre of care and focus.

The Australian today published a comment made by Dr Barry Walters WA who said "DANNII Minogue is better at judging performers than she is in making choices about childbirth".
Many studies show maternal complications and stillbirths are more common in women who deliver at home. The decision to try homebirth is based on ideology, not on concern for the baby. Most women will experience a wonderful and fulfilling event, assisted by caring midwives, when they deliver their baby in hospital. Don't play Russian roulette with a baby. Babies don't care where they are born.

This comment by the good doctor is arrogance at its best, negating women's right to choose and insulting their intelligence because it is not his choice. Danni Minogue has every right to make an informed choice and based on the evidence Homebirth is not playing Russian Roulette.
Clearly this Doctor has not read the recent studies on Homebirth: In the private and public sector the evidence has shown a strong safety for homebirth. Women want more control around the birth of their baby. Control provides greater satisfaction especially psychologically. Studies also show that 30% of women found that their hospital birth was traumatic. Women want continuity of care by a known midwife and this happens at home and can happen in a hospital.
Congratulations Danni & Kris and the birth of your son Ethan:the joys of parenthood begin enjoy the journey.

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