Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wedding - Ubud Bali

Peta and mum having a special treat

Excitement is in the air….the Bride, her bridesmaids, flower girl, mother and mother-in-law…. What a powerful combination of women all here to help celebrate Peta’s wedding to Ben. There is lots of laughter, anticipation, emotions are everywhere….. Three Balinese women are preparing all the women, makeup, hair, champagne is flowing freely…. Of course with the obligatory water to keep us hydrated in the humidity of Bali.

The pool had floating candles down the centre: and there were a hundred candles on the stairs leading to the pool area:

The last minute fixes….glue for shoes, cotton for dresses, hairspray and lippie: wouldn’t you know it the air-conditioner decides not to work or is on overload and not working properly… time to get an industrial fan to keep all the women cool… in more ways than one and it worked a treat….

Months of planning for Peta and the families (saving and working extra hours) have culminated to this moment….the anticipation is great….the stress of making sure things will come together on the day have finally come to fruition. Invites, music, wedding dress, flights, bookings, reception, food, drinks, legalities, the list is endless….. The bridesmaid dresses have been a tale to the end…. Starting with the first design/color not being available, to the dresses being completed and not to everyone’s satisfaction…then choosing a dress two days before leaving off the shop floor rack… another issue was two of the bridesmaids are from interstate… however with internet shopping this was not a problem…. however last minute stitching was required on the day…. All makes for added excitement and the all out effort to make it a brilliant day that the bride would enjoy and be stress free………………my personal opinion is that there is always a degree of pre wedding jitters… otherwise you would not be normal…….after all it is an enormous rite of passage as a promise of a new generation looms upon us…………. And lives that are forever changed, not to mention new families for everyone. The next generation begins…………….

a Frangipani carpet:

The setting was so romantic…. Ubud Bali the Alila Hotel was perfect………Peta walked down an isle of frangipani flowers with her proud father escorting her, led by 6 bridesmaids… to be greeted by her loving husband to be Ben and his 6 groomsmen, and waiting guests. The day threatened to rain… however held off until very late into the night…… was humid however we were saved by a cool breeze According to Balinese law you have a religious ceremony first followed by the government one, all very special. The service was delightful… and very emotional. There was lots of kissing by the couple egged on by the guests… it truly was delightful. Peta’s gown was exquisite she was absolutely beautiful………………… a very proud day for all the parents.

The reception was fantastic… a great menu…food was delicious, drinks superb company divine…candles everywhere…………what more can I say a romantic evening was had by all. It was time for family and friends to congratulate the happy couple and spend time together…eating, drinking, listening to music and dancing.

The children had three baby sitters, which allowed their parents to enjoy the evening without having to constantly worry about the kids…as for Ian and I it was a very proud day…we also missed the family that for whatever reason could not make the wedding and passed on their good wishes to the couple… speeches were short, sweet and poignant…… and finally if there is a pool that usually means someone gets in it…. For this wedding it was me… after a long day it was fitting after all the formality of the day was over… time to change and have a swim… for a couple of others it was in clothes and all…A fitting end to a perfect day.

Congratulations Peta & Ben and wishing a long and happy life together with many children to keep you company in your old age.


Alila Hotels said...

It was our absolute honor to host the wedding at Alila Ubud. The garden area with lush jungle backdrop is quite stunning.
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Lovely blog post and photos

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Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful wedding. Peta should be very proud. All her hard work and effort really paid off.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Great photos.

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