Sunday, October 25, 2009

The monkeys of Ubud:

Our Villa

What a beautiful natural place Ubud is, high up in the mountain area of Bali, and our hotel Alila is a perfect escape, a small piece of Heaven. We have a gorgeous Villa which is totally secluded & romantic. We have a balcony and are surrounded by forest, in the late afternoon early evening we are surrounded by a troop of monkeys. Every day you experience different wild life…. And you see all sorts of creatures… at night you can see fireflies… it’s just wonderful.


Our first encounter was one afternoon we had finished swimming and we walked back to our villa, Ian had left several minutes before me so when I had reached the top of the stairs I could see a rather large monkey heading around the corner towards our door, I shouted to Ian as I thought he had not seen him. I think they were both equally surprised….the monkey saw Ian and growled at him… the closest thing to Ian was the umbrellas that stand next to the door for the occasional time you need them for the tropical rains…Ian picked up the umbrella as if it was a sword and stood “on guard” the monkey who looked like he was the boss of the troop (stood about 2.5ft) and they momentarily eyed each other off… the monkey growled at Ian then sauntered past him and then jumped into the trees above our villa… Ian then said “it’s ok darling, safe to come down”…. I was not so sure…. There is a narrow enclosed rock wall about a meter wide and 10 meters long to get to our villa balcony…. And the tree hangs over it… I looked and could see all the monkeys in the trees swinging and talking to each other…. I was a little bit scared… never the less I decided to run the gauntlet…… and the bastard monkey shook the tree and called out as I ran under the tree, the berries, leaves and sticks fell to the ground and my feet didn’t touch the floor…. And I never looked up….it was funny clever animals….he must have smelled my fear.

What a life these male monkeys have…. We spent quite a bit of time watching them, as they are resident in the trees near our villa. The monkeys visit us in the morning and evenings. A few of them sit on the balcony…usually a male, female and her baby… it is so interesting watching them… the female sits and preens the male and he sits and enjoys every moment……he changes positions and the female tends to his every whim… she picks the insects and eats them, the baby clings to mother often attaching itself for a feed….. The little monkeys swing from the trees, chasing each other; there are about 6 mothers with babies…. The babies are so cute… you never see them leave the mother and when they swing from the trees they do it in pairs and if the baby looks like falling there seems to be another monkey standing by ready to catch…. Just amazing animals there expressions are so human like, however there cuteness wears off when they smile and you see their teeth, they can be very aggressive…

smile let us in:

I have enjoyed watching them at close quarters, we’ve seen it all, the poor female just gets jumped on from behind and it may just last a few minutes if that….We always make sure the doors, windows are closed and when we go to bed that the blinds are down… don’t want them watching us………if you get my gist! Lol…..

Monkey's watching us through the windows!

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manfred said...

well it was a great expirence going there.i went there with my parents in summer vacation. and stayed in villas ubud. it was a wonderful experience going there.

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