Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Presenting to your peers!

Hoping the 'Dog Rose" strikes for my husband - his beloved Yorkshire Rose

I was asked last month to talk today about Scope of Practice and Career Pathways to some clinical development midwives, nurses and educators at my old hospital. My first thought was 'no'. However as usual you end up saying 'yes'. I normally don't worry about presentations but I was nervous about this one, the difference being that they are your peers. I feel particularly apprehensive in these situations, it is something I have to work on. Has anyone else experienced this feeling?

When you examine the career pathway for nurses and midwives, it can be limiting. However most importantly it is a continuous process of lifelong learning. As you progress up the stairway you can branch off into clincial specalist - education or non clincal fields, such as; project managers, research, or management areas - this then will lead to Director of Nursing. You will need to be considering masters and PhD by the time you reach the top.

The other issue is that sometimes it feels like you are teaching them to suck eggs, if you know that expression. What knowledge do you impart on people who know and teach the scope of practice? or guide others about career pathways.

I decided that I would set the scene with thinking about 'the self' being 'self aware' examining and processing how each individual approaches different life situations. Who are your role models, who do you aspire to be? for me this might be powerful women such as: Condoleezza Rice Catherine Hamlyn , Quentin Bryce and Fiona Stanley to name a few.

Also it is important to know what is it that you do in your spare time, what are your hobbies, how do you relax, wind down. This is all part and parcel of finding your career path because this all makes up who you are.
However most importantly you have to find out what is your passion, what is it that you like doing most, because once you find that out, you can then plan how you are going to achieve it.

A small step that every one can take is to set objectives or goals. This helps you when you are planning your future, 1 year, 3 year and 5 year plans. Some people found this daunting. If this is the case you need to take smaller steps, look three months ahead. Planning goals does not just apply to your work but your life as well. Set your holiday goals, when is your next overseas holiday, plan it and set it out. You will find once you set a goal it is easier to achieve, of course life can change and so do your plans, but get into the habit of setting goals.

I have always found it useful to set goals, short term and long term goals for both my work and personal life, it helps me achieve the things I want to in life.
If you don't set goals try it, see how well it works. Once you set the goal it is easier to plan how to achieve what ever it is you want.
Its all about taking little steps, when you look back you have reached the top of the stairway, and that's a tremendous feeling.

I am glad today is over, it all went well and according to plan, except once I start talking I can go off track and not stick to the game plan.

The take home message is set yourself a 12 month and 5 year plan, and watch it grow.

Yes luck with the Yorkshire Rose, lets hope they keep growing!


Laura Jane said...

These are good points Pauline.

I am evaluating all this stuff currently, discovering for myself where my practice fits into my life, what feels right for me, and what doesn't, and how to reconcile the two or minimize the ill-fitting parts.

Food for thought

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laura for stopping by and leaving a comment, yes it is always hard to find the balance. I find that it is so easy to be all consumed with your passion that sometimes its not good. So yes food for thought and finding the balance.

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