Monday, June 15, 2009

Girls night out!

There’s nothing like a night out especially when you go out with a group of women. Now I say women, as opposed to girls, because girls denote young women or adolescent women not average age 50 year old women. However, it does sound good to say girl’s night out. We are out to celebrate Lorraine’s last girl’s night out as a single woman. Yes she is joining the ranks of happy married women.

There was much fun, chatting, catching up with friends that we have not socialised for a while with. The food at the Thai restaurant is always superb with ample to eat. Oh don’t forget the wine; bubbly always adds life to the conversation. There’s nothing better than to sit around sup some bubbly and share some funny stories about life, and do we have them, certainly do from babies to sex, oh did I say sex. You can’t have a girl’s night out without talking about sex, good, bad or indifferent.

I must say I was disappointed when it came to the discussion about how to prepare to the wedding night – there is the usual pre wedding, pamper session, facial, massage, nails, hair and trial makeup. That was all fine, however when it came to should Lorraine wax or not, have a Brazilian, high or normal wax, a trim and style perhaps a heart shaped surprise! To these suggestions came aghast of horror from my colleagues / friends, it just goes to show that age may play a part in this process. However I am in the same age group and am partial to a wax and to a heart shaped surprise! It adds zest to the relationship – after all, we are all midwives and there is nothing we haven’t encountered.

It is great to see Lorraine so happy and madly deeply in love, as the song goes, truly madly deeply – yes it warms the cockles of your heart. Rob is charming, they do seem well suited, after all he does love her apple and rhubarb pie. See there is some truth in the old saying "the way to a mans heart is through his stomach". I can't say what else he says she's good at, oh all right then, he says "my wife to be can crumb anything".
I loved my wedding day it was perfect and when I think of it, I smile that warm reassuring smile. There are times I think of Ian and just smile, it’s a wonderful feeling love, and it warms you from the inside and makes you feel brilliant. I am so fortunate. Thank you.

The trick is to maintain this kind of love, the truly, madly, deeply, in this busy world of ours. It is so easy to get caught up with work, life and children and put your relationship second; yes, on occasion I am guilty of this. Therefore we make the time to spend together to put ourselves first. I know that Lorraine and Rob will continue to have this truly madly deeply relationship and I wish them both the very best of everything. I am so looking forward to the wedding on Friday. It is just going to be fantastic.

Lorraine looking at her Rose bush 'Lucina' the midwife rose and her card with a fantastic gift voucher for David Jones, from all of us. "Happy Wedding"


Sarah Stewart said...

I did the old short, back and sides thing once & nearly died of pain. Swore I'd never do that again - would rather give birth!! :)

InfoMidwife said...

now now Sarah, you have forgotten what giving birth is like! I'd rather have a wax, funny though my friend says she won't do it again either!

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