Monday, July 16, 2012

Improve access to maternity care by midwives known to women

A colleague of mine Beth O'Neil started a petition on, the aim of the petition is to get 3000 signatures: what is the petition about? its about Improving access to maternity care by midwives known to women. 

Currently GP's will only refer to obstetricians and midwives are finding it difficult to get a collaborative agreement with obstetricians. What we need is for GP's to start referring pregnant women to midwives who are experts in providing continuity of midwifery care - what is continuity of care - it is the same midwife caring for you throughout your pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period.

We need women to be asking their GP to refer them to a midwife for continuity of midwifery care.... take a look at the petition have a read and then sign it..... pass it on to your friends, lets get it moving get the word out Midwives are here to offer you continuity of midwifery care.... shared care with your GP and or Obstetrician... we can all work together to give women what they want.... that is different models of care with informed choice and the same midwife throughout their care......

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