Thursday, June 9, 2011

It’s been a while since I blogged.... life in the fast lane

Canberra - Autumn

I have really missed blogging even felt guilty about not writing and sorry to my faithful readers for the lack of updates, but as usual the build up towards the end of semester (marking, studying, and meetings) takes its toll on my time to blog....

Let’s see where I got up to.... sorting out collaborative agreements... progressing with CeMGP “the practice”.... writing copious letters and getting limited responses....working three days a week at commitments to the College continue...picking up three units in my study this semester was not a wise move...note to self “don’t do that again”, no more than 1 or 2 units or drop something else... almost forgot I was sick....feeling better now... the mediation continues.... it really keeps me sane I do notice my anxiety levels rise when I don’t meditate... Thank God on Saturday I get an injection of super duper all day retreat... that should centre me again.

Jasmine - I think mummy ate all that chocolate

On the grandchildren front the birthday season for this year has begun, as they get older they are harder to buy for.... Jasmine is now 7, Dylan (June) 6yrs & Jessica (Aug) 6 yrs, Talia (June) 4, Sam (July), Isabella (July) and Logan (Oct) will be 3yrs old and off course our newest one Tayla is 7weeks old.... by far the greatest pleasure I get is from the grandies...they are truly delightful and the light of my life.....

Talia's party:

As the semester comes to a close and the marking is complete, its time to read a book or novel.... today as I was buying birthday pressies for family and friends I spied a couple of books that leapt off the shelf into my bag via the cashier.... I wanted them all...but alas some are for gifts, however I will keep and read “The Wish” it did appeal to me.... so will give some feedback once I’ve read it.... I think I am back in the swing for my blog... will update on the political agenda for midwifery in my next entry:

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