Monday, September 27, 2010

Taking a day to smell the roses....or look at the spring flowers

life has been so hectic lately i have not had time to scratch myself and sometimes have been quiet disillusioned by it all...which way do you it came as no surprise when I became unwell....late nights...etc.. and to make matters worse I have had the worst flu ever...which left me with bilateral Otitis Media (middle ear infections. My head felt like it was going to explode with the pressure.... I really empathise with those poor little babies and toddlers that get recurrent ear infections no wonder they are so miserable.....poor babies.

Finally the antibiotics have kicked in and relief is finally here... my husband baned me from the computer and mobile phone and took me out for the day to smell the roses....a delightful spring day... it was so refreshing...just what the doctor ordered.... we took a lovely country drive from Perth, Northam to York.... and there were some lovely flowers along the way....

We came upon an unusual couch...made from bricks.... very clever... as my husband was a brickie in his past life I received a lecture about how difficult it would be to make....he was intrigued by this he referred to it... I tried as I might to be rivetingly excited by it all but alas.... unless it has something to do with birthing and women my passion was just not evident....poor darling...we then went for a walk in the bush and admired the wonderful display of spring flowers..something we both really is truly wonderful.

We also came across this great little bookshop called "the book lady" in one of the country towns...always a great little find.... we sat for ages looking at books...just delightful.. I picked up one called "letters from a Fainthearted Feminist" by Jill Tweede. I opened the book at page 71
"I've been brooding about those fairy tales where Snow White, Sleeping Beauty the Ice Queen, the Little Mermaid and other happily resting ladies get woken from their snoozes by a peck from Prince Right on the old liperoos..Male fantasies about arousing female virgins, What?....But did anyone inform the ladies in question that once they're awakened passions - ie a permanently insomniac infant - all they will desire in life is to return from whence they came"
how true is that..... you see I could not leave the little book behind... I will be sure to read it to my grand-daughters....

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