Monday, June 28, 2010

Breathing New Life into Maternity Care 2010 - Alice Springs

At last my marking is finished all but for 10 papers, they will go into my suitcase.....yeah....Marks are just about uploaded for Board of Examiners.... and its time for another about working to a time table....and so life goes on.... I have to say I am looking forward to Alice Springs...also meeting up with friends, colleagues and networking, i always enjoy conferences for many varied reasons....most of all the networking.
I have downloaded the program and on the plane will decide which presentations I shall attend.... there are lots to choose from.

Wednesday is our day trip to Kata Tjuta National Park: 280 miles (450km) southwest of Alice Springs. Ayers Rock/ Uluru, the world's largest monolith and an Aboriginal sacred site is Australia's most famous natural landmark. I am looking forward to maybe climbing the rock....however there seems to be conflicting advice as to whether you can climb it or not.... so you will have to wait and see the website suggests that...."Visitors may wish to make the tough 1.6km ascent to the top or take a walking tour around the rock with an aboriginal guide , learning about its fascinating with the Uluru people and its importance in dreamtime legend."
I do know that it will be a long day for us, starting at 0600 and finishing at midnight..... wow....

On Thursday there are workshops and then there is the Beanie and ball dress that should be the freezing cold...I have to remember to take my Ugg thats a great site....beanie, ball dress and Ugg boots....

The Conference begins on Friday - this space for the update and review of the conference....
Breathing New Life into Maternity Care 2010


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