Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time out for some fun! Shopping!

Wedding! what does the word conjure up? what is the first thing you think of when someone says the word WEDDING! it is a 'joining together' for me it is Love and commitment, then comes money, place, venue, guest list,rings, dress, sexy lingerie, jewelery, shoes, suits, ties, flowers, food, drink, and the list goes on.

When two mature people decide to take this leap of faith, love above all conquers all, I know this sounds corny, but when you think of all the compromising that is done, combining two homes into one, my lounge suite or yours, which books, CD's, orniments etc, it truly is a letting go of the ego - I remember it well, the two becoming one but still maintaining a sense of 'self' that is trick, that is the marriage.

It is about two people planning their wedding day, which is the first day of their marriage. The relationship and lives in marriage is more important and lasts a lifetime - or as long as it is meant too.

Now my gorgeous friend is getting married in four weeks, what a surprise..............it is so nice when love bites and everything goes well. When Lorraine asked me to go shopping with her for her bridal outfit, I was honoured and delighted, nothing like going shopping and spending someone else's money, within reason of course. Full of a cold, dosed up on medication, it was time to hit the shops. I was so excited, verbal diarrhoea, invitations, rings, dresses, colours, wine, hors deuv's, venue, place, girls night out, guest list, I wanted to know it all, oh so much to think about. Lorraine and Rob just laughed...........Oh something I forgot to say about the lovely couple they are both clutter free people, and yes you guessed it, I am Mrs Clutter, married to Mr Clutter but he is in denial.

We had such fun today, our aim was, a dress, shoes, and lingerie. Now that's a tall order for a day, but not for two expert shoppers who know a good thing when they see it. I would have liked to have bought the grooms tie while we were out, but that was overstepping the line....... respecting his wishes, just joking Rob!

The shopping expedition started in Nedlands at 11am, proceeded to Perth Murry St - time for a coffee in the mall then its off to Subiaco - Lorraine tried on several dresses, and finally decided on a beautiful, elegant, classical styled dress, that surpasses anything I would imagine, it looks perfect. You know when you put the dress on, this is the one! and this was the one! That's about all I can tell you until the day.................. we even got a swatch of the colour so that Rob could match his tie, thinking of you Rob!

The dress was bought,it was now time for the champagne cocktail, before we shop for the lingerie and shoes, which ever we see first. We were both intoxicated with excitement, it was all coming together. It was nice to sit and share a drink, laughing and telling stories of love and lust........ off course the two go hand in hand after all we have earned the right to enjoy the freedom of women, life is truly wonderful and sharing it with the beautiful people you love.

Shoes were next on the list, perfect, tried my hardest with the handbag but no joy - never mind you win some and you lose some. the lingerie was the hardest, we walked past what I thought was the perfect shop three times trying different places only to end up in the perfect shop, the one we walked past three times, but it was worth it, no compromising here, it looks sexy, fantastic is all I am going to say.

The day was done, all of the shopping done in 5 hours, home for a nice cup of tea, and rest our feet, we did consider Champagne but I had to drive home.

Addition: in clearing the clutter, Lorraine had more than one dogie bed, and offered it to Mrs Clutter who gladly accepted, Monty is eternally grateful for his new bed.

We had a superb time, we were like kids turned loose in a candy shop. We were both on the same wave, thanks for a wonderful day. I look forward to a wonderful wedding

Cluttered closets mean a cluttered mind.
As you clean the closet, say to yourself,
"I am cleaning the closets of my mind".
The Universe loves symbolic gestures.
Louise L. Hay

All I have to say is our minds must be totally cluttered!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Celebrating our Land, our People and our Profession.

International Day of the Midwife (IMD) was on May 5th. The Australian College of Midwives WA Branch, celebrated this occasion on Saturday 2nd May at UWA. It was a day of celebration to which approximately 60 Health professionals attended. It was nice to see familiar faces of the midwives that generally celebrate and come to the College events. This is a time for midwives to get together and network, gossip and generally catch up with colleagues that you have not seen since the last IMD celebration.

This time I met an exceptional woman, a beautiful Cherokee midwife who has worked with the Inuit women of Canada, she had such long hair I just had to take her photo.

It is very important on these occasions to get the catering correct, because as midwives we like to chat, eat and have a nice cup of tea or freshly brewed coffee. UWA did a great job of the catering there was good food and beverages. The day started with an official Nyungar Welcome to Country and a traditional Nyungar dance - performed by Justine, it was breathtaking.

The rest of the morning was spent discussing Aboriginal Health, relating to mother and infant mortality and morbidity. Heather Hancock from SA University gave a riveting presentation on her work in the Northern Territory and Alice Springs. She also reminded us as Midwives to continue providing quality care, remember to be happy, joyous and passionate about our beautiful career. I couldn't agree with her more, we, as midwives need to be happy and joyous in our work providing women with continuity of care. You know the famous saying ' if you love what you do, you do it well' or something along those lines.

Fun was had by all in the Laughter workshop:

With the afternoon came the laughter workshop, some people like this sort of thing, me no, its not my cup of tea, however i did do it to experience something different. But can't say i am in a hurry to do it again.

I did enjoy the last session which was the panel discussion on the way forward for the maternity review report.

The nuts and bolts of this discussion was that we as midwives need to work together to achieve better outcomes for women. So that women can have the informed choice they so rightly deserve. This means, midwives becoming more politically savvy,find out who your local politician is and start emailing or writing to them saying what it is you want as a midwife. That is a medicare provider number, this is what will give us what we want, that is access to all pregnant women in the first trimester, from 12 weeks. This way the woman will get informed choice and all her birthing options, that is Midwifery Led care, Birth centre, teams, shared care, homebirth and obstetric care.

It was good to see so many midwifery students attending the study day. We need to encourage students to attend because they are our future, and need to become actively involved in the College.

Remember to watch out for information relating to National Registration & Accreditation 2010, the Maternity Review Report, Indemnity Insurance for independent midwives and the Complaints committee relating to National Registration; All this topics will be up for public discussion and this is when you need to make your comments, make your voice heard. If you see articles in the news papers or on the news, that are untrue or unjust, respond or send it to the Australian college of Midwives and ask them to respond, this is how we are noticed. However always remember to be professional.
Thank you to all those who attended the day to make it a success.

The time is now, for you to start being heard as a Midwife.

Happy International Midwives Day 2009.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

International Midwives Day - Virtual Conference

This is very exciting for me, because I am testing all my skills using different sorts of technology and talking to midwives all over the world. This is the idea of Sarah Stewart, who is the conference organiser. You can see the program by going to her blog or just follow this link - International Midwives Day Program. There is something for everyone in the program and Sarah will be recording the presentations and you can hear them on the blog later.

I will be presenting at 9pm tonight and my presentation will be Cybertalk, some of you may have heard it before when I gave it several months ago at a college study session.

Technology is great, however when it fails things get very stressful, so lets hope all goes well. Here I thought I was technologically savvy, but some days I think I know zilch.

Watch this space..................................

Enjoy International Midwives Day.

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