Tuesday, May 5, 2009

International Midwives Day - Virtual Conference

This is very exciting for me, because I am testing all my skills using different sorts of technology and talking to midwives all over the world. This is the idea of Sarah Stewart, who is the conference organiser. You can see the program by going to her blog or just follow this link - International Midwives Day Program. There is something for everyone in the program and Sarah will be recording the presentations and you can hear them on the blog later.

I will be presenting at 9pm tonight and my presentation will be Cybertalk, some of you may have heard it before when I gave it several months ago at a college study session.

Technology is great, however when it fails things get very stressful, so lets hope all goes well. Here I thought I was technologically savvy, but some days I think I know zilch.

Watch this space..................................

Enjoy International Midwives Day.

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