Wednesday, March 11, 2009

great show on SBS - insight 'birth'

It was fascinating watching insight last night - it was a great forum - pregnant women, more women, midwives, GP's, obstetricians and politicians.
So what real choices do women have, from elective Cesareans to
homebirth? What are the risks? And with the rising cost of health care, what can we really afford? A recent government review of maternity services found that women should have access to more choices as to how their babies are delivered.

The rate of cesareans is up 50% over the last decade. But why? Are women themselves opting for cesareans over a natural birth? are women truly informed?
What a great debate that is!I was excited to see such an open debate, I was so proud to be a midwife - the midwives representing midwifery were articulate, knew the research to quote, held their ground and put the hard questions out there to be answered by both the obstetricians and politicians.

Please click on the link and watch the show and comment: SBS Insight

I was disappointed with the opening of the show, in my opinion it does not truly reflect the attitudes of Australian women. I think often in a show like this extremes in both camps are provided to create discussion and sensationalism. I also felt that the presenter 'Jenny' was trying to insight rather than collaborate between the health professionals, by trying to insist that 'there was a turf war' - this is by no means the case, it is about working collaboratively together and recognising each professionals ability and place in the scheme of childbirth and woman centered care. After all it is all about informed choice and the woman's choice not 'paternalism'.
I was truly impressed with our midwifery leaders Jenny Gamble and Hannah Dahlen, they were always professional and inclusive wanting a collaborative approach in providing women centered care, choice and continuity of care.

It is also disappointing to hear that the Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon is putting on hold the option of 'Homebirth' and National insurance for independent midwives. It is not a closed option just one to be considered later, this is something that we have to keep addressing and maintain pressure on the Minister so that is an option for women.

The SBS show will be repeated several times, go to the website and have a look. It is also interesting reading the comments from women - although sad that this is a forum for asking questions relating to childbirth.
Enjoy the show let me know what you think?

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