Saturday, January 24, 2009

Out of action

Well it’s that time of year as a lecturer, preparing for the new semester to begin, changing unit outlines and assessments to correlate with the student’s evaluations from the previous year. I am very excited about the semester beginning a whole new group of students all eager to share and learn experiences.

However it’s also a good time to have some urgent minor hand surgery. It really is difficult being the recipient of care especially me being Ms Independent. It’s about giving up your control, trusting and letting others do things for you and for me this is a difficult lesson. I feel sorry for my husband and family trying to keep me down – however ‘pain’ is a good indicator, it certainly makes you stop!
I am usually a touch typist, but alas now with bandaged hands I’m afraid it’s finger typing, I am grateful that I am able to do that, otherwise I think I would go nuts.
Funny enough I had not heard of Trigger Thumb until 16 weeks ago when I developed incredible pain in the soft pad and left thumb area eventually not being able to bend it or use my thumb. I wore a splint hoping that would resolve the issue, alas it only got worse, driving me to go to the doctors and the diagnosis being trigger thumb.
After being referred to a specialist, ultra sound then the cortisone injection – I would not recommend the injection, it was the most painful experience and would not do it again, especially as it only lasted six weeks. The pain was back with vengeance, now my thumb would lock at the joint and had to be manually manipulated back into place – wow the pain. To make matters worse the right thumb was following suit, it was now very painful. Both thumbs are now splinted. It's surprising how important your thumbs are, no opening bottles, jars, door handles the list is endless.
It’s time for a ‘Google’ search to see what the cause & treatment options are: causes are repetitive use, which I can’t think of anything I have done, other causes are rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or simply being between the ages of 50-60, damn! getting older. Also pre-disposing factors are, suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome – which I have. Women are 4 times more likely to get than men. Treatment is, splinting, steroids and surgery, once the finger starts locking.
So it was time for surgery, now I am out of action for about a week or two.

Thank goodness I can still use my fingers. I now also have time to finish my book “How are we to live” by Peter Singer. Speaking of Peter Singer he is coming to Perth Writers Festival in February.


Cioara Andrei said...

Florile au un limbaj aparte. Cat de incantator ar putea sa vorbeasca un tanar iubitei sale fara sa foloseasca cuvintele!

Laura Jane said...

Ooh, do I have to leave it in Italian? Non posso.

Yikes! Hope you recover soon - what a crappy time to be having it. It would drive me mad to lose the use of my hands/thumbs for a few weeks.

I have attempted to add a counter thingy to the site. As (probably)only you and I are accessing it currently it may be overkill, but that may change!

Carolyn said...

Poor you, get well soon.

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