Saturday, August 30, 2008

Who will be the next American President? My view!

BBC World news
Democratic convention - Denver
Whilst away in Singapore teaching I happened to be watching the BBC World news, as you do when in a hotel room and listened to a speech delivered by Mr Bill Clinton, he received an overwhelming standing ovation. I know you might think that is sad, however I do think it is important for the world to know what is happening in America and the world can certainly do without another George Bush. I found Bill Clinton to be charismatic and interesting to listen to. He was a diplomat and inspiring. Clinton suggested that “America needs to be strong at home before strong within the world” – how true is this, you have to love yourself before you can love someone else.
I think Clinton is an easy man to look at, not a hair out of place, he presents very well – despite his admission of his indiscretions, I think he still does a good job and goes to show that we are all human and make mistakes. The other way to look at this is off course, is that I am being pulled into a false sense of security and falling for his charm and really he is a womaniser, I will reserve my judgement. However I do think that a President should be above reproach. He paid tribute to his wife Hilary Clinton, who I am disappointed is still not in the running; however I can see why Hilary could not be Obama’s right hand person. I do like both the Clinton’s and see why they have made a good team. However I have never understood why Hilary remained by her man, unless it was a pact, so that she could achieve her dream, only time will tell. Bill’s speech was directed at Hilary’s followers and other democrats to support Barack Obama, saying, he is ready to be President:– well by the time he finished his speech I was ready to agree with him, not because he said so, because his speech outlined all aspects/issues of what is required of the next American president: global warming, health care for the poor, poverty, military, rising costs of gasoline, food, utilities – equal opportunities for women etc; I am not sure if Barack Obama can achieve all this but he seems to me a better option than McCain and Palin.
I was disappointed that I did not get to listen to Obama’s speech as I had teaching commitments, but it did get good reviews. Barack Obama accepted the Democratic Party presidential nomination, declaring that the “American dream has been threatened” by rule under President George Bush and the McCain represented a continuation of policies that undermined the nation’s economy and devalued it standing around the world.
How cleaver of the Republicans, to choose a woman as second in command, but then, how, appropriate to be behind the man. Now let’s look at Sarah Palin, normally I would be supportive of a woman in this position, but Sarah Palin is pro-life, pro guns, pro war, her son is just off to Iran to war, but I guess it depends on what side of the fence you sit on, this is certainly not my choice. I think that this is a step backwards for women in terms of pro-life issues. America under the current Presidency has put the women’s movement in America backwards by giving the fetus more rights than the women that carry the fetus.
This will be a closer race than first anticipated now that McCain has a woman at his side; it will be very interesting to watch. Whichever way this election goes, history is in the making, the first black American to be President, or the first woman to be Vice President.

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Anonymous said...

interesting comments, not that it matters to Australia!

infomidwife said...

thanks anonymous for your comment, the knock on effect of pro-life will be felt in Australia and the Republicans are pro-life. What a dicotomy, pro-life and pro-guns in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to see Hilary Clinton nominated for her party and run for President. I would have been fascinated to see her perform as President of the USA - the inevitable comparision's to her husband and another powerful woman (Thatcher) would have been inevitable.

And yes Pauline I agree - policies in other large democratic countries impact on international law and policy - but the question is where is the influence greater now????

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