Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yorkshire land of the White rose

York City & York Cathedral

The York Castle:

Yorkshire Dales:

Yorkshire – Castleford – Leeds – Scarborough – Bridlington – York – Whitby – Skirlington markets – The Hornsea Mere –Freeport shopping Centre - North Yorkshire moors – Thornton–Le-Dale The hole of Horcum- – Goathland – Aidensfield – Rosedale Abbey - Lastingham– Pickering (poppies) – Hunmanby – Hull


Yorkshire is a really beautiful area, this trip we have managed to see a vast majority of it, you could say we have been up and down the dales.

Ian’s family in the UK: – Beatrice, Norma, Audrey (Australia) Jim and Liz,
their ages range from 75 to 58. They have all been wonderful, warm, loving and inviting. The hardest thing is to say goodbye. It has been good for Kirsten to learn about her family history meeting them all, and to see Yorkshire and England.

Living in Scarborough is Beatrice, the eldest sister with 2 daughters Sharon (Aust) and Bronwyn married to Chaz. Beat has 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild – I would describe Beatie as kind-hearted, gentle conservative and a traditionalist wanting nothing more than to have a quiet life and her family around her.
Bronwyn and Chaz also live in Scarborough; they live in a flat over looking Scarborough absolutely wonderful, their home is warm and inviting however you do have to climb 70 stairs (4 flights). Bronnie is very much the quirky, alternative artistic type, gifted in whatever she turns her hand to. Chaz is also artistic with the camera and he runs a stall in the local market as well as an Internet business.

Norma and Harry live in Castleford and are celebrating 52 years of marriage; they have 2 sons and 1 grandchild. Norma is the most outgoing of the sisters; she is exuberant, energetic, boisterous and loveable, however 2 hip replacements have slowed her down. She is a great driver despite Harry driving her nuts in the car. Harry has a wicked wit and is as sharp as a tack, nothing passes him, you could never get the better of him; he is a mind of information. Want to know anything just ask Harry.

Liz & Jo

Liz and Brian live in Bridlington – Brian works in Saudi I never got to meet him as he was away at work, they have 8 children – yes 8, all I can say is thank God they are all grown up. Liz is delightful, quiet, unassuming and thoughtful. We met her daughter Linda who is sociable, friendly, open & loud and a fantastic cook.
Jo and John, are Ian’s cousin (well Jo is) and they live near Liz & Brian in Bempton, what a fantastic couple warm friendly and welcoming, we had our only UK BBQ at Jo and John’s, great barbie but nothing like our Aussie ones.

The Manor & garden: Poppy the dog: Jim, Bibot, Ian, Kirsten

Jim is the older brother to Liz and Ian and is married to Bibot. They live in Cobham Surrey on a Manor Estate in a quaint cottage. It is a picturesque area. Bibot is a quiet friendly Filipino who is working as a domestic / companion for the Lady of the Mannor. Jim is quite the conservative, Victorian man and he likes a good argument, he would do anything for you if he could. It is good to see that Jim has found his green fingers; he has vegetable garden growing, potatoes, cucumbers and various herbs. Bibot has turned her hand to cooking and has become quite the country chef. They both seem very happy and content here. It has been great to stay with them and enjoy their company.

Whitby a great seaside town.
Thornton-Le-Dale, a beautiful place so quaint and the best fish and chips I've had.
playing in the Poppy fields

Home to Perth 13 July 2008


Sarah Stewart said...

I love York - its one of my most favorite-ever cities. Hope you don't lose that holiday glow too quickly when you get back to work.

infomidwife said...

thanks Sara,

Yes my feet have not hit the ground since arriving home - the glow won't last long at this rate. The new semester begins this week.

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