Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Caesarean section rate on the rise!

We all know that the caesarean section (C/S) rate is on the rise, currently in Australia it is at 29%, it is interesting to note that in 1993 it was only 20%. Some statistics show a dramatic rise among low-risk women within the private health care sector, an increase from 10% to 19%. The public health care sector was less, from 6% - 8%. So why is there such a disparity between the private and public health care sectors? And what can Midwives do to help stem the rising rate of C/S?
Are women aware of the implications of such a rise in the caesarean section rate and the possible complications for further pregnancies?
One of the complications are placenta accreta which has gone from being a rare occurrence to frequent one. The Sydney Morning Herald viewed this interview: see link below:

Its time we worked collaboratively to reduce the caesarean section rate and informed women of all the complications of a C/S, it is not just a simple operation, it is major surgery which will affect them for the rest of there lives, and yes there is a place for a C/S when it is an emergency. Please make a comment, what do you think?

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