Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to infomidwife 2008


I am taking a step into the unknown, surfing the net or the blogger if you can do that. This site is a work in progress. My aim is to generate information, you might ask what information?

My focus is to empower women by generating information so that women can make infomed choices about their health care. The information may be anything woman centered, pregnancy related, antenatal issues, pre and post term, low & high risk preganancy questions, even general knowledge.

I will endeavour to share my experiences of being a midwife and a nurse. I have a particular interest in professional issues and will be discussing them in due course.

It would be great if you have any stories or experiences you would like to share about any health care issues. When we discuss and share knowledge and experiences we learn, correct and therefore improve health care services.

This site is also for the health professional who want to share information or create a discussion on any topic of interest.

thats it for now until next time - remember "plan for a miracle"


Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Pauline , welcome to blogging land. Hope you have as fun as I have over the last few months. Here's heaps of tips I have picked up over the last few months but here are a couple of really important ones:

Get a RSS feed going so you can track your favorite blogs and web sites. I use 'google reader' but there are a number of others out there such as 'bloglines'.

To keep a track on the comments you leave on blogs, use 'co.mments'.

Have a look on the blogs I have in my blog roll, especially Sue Waters, Michelle Martin and Darren Rouse.

When you have comments or emails, always respond to them so that you build up a network and readership. Leave comments on the blogs of the people who comment on your blog - builds a connection with them.

Thats probably enough for the time being. Good luck Sarah

PS: think about copyright and licensing, especially if you are using other peoples' stories and photos.

infomidwife said...

Thanks Sarah for the tips, what is a RSS feed & where do I go to get it?
I am looking into copyright for my pictures, all the pictures used are my family with their consent. Thanks, I am mindfull of the copyright /confidentiality issues surrounding other peoples photos and stories & will ensure their consent before using them.
I will have a look at the links you have suggested, thanks for all the tips.

Lorraine said...

Hi Pauline
What a great idea for a blob site. I'm sure that women around the world will benefit from your expertise, good unbiased information is hard to find. I would love to hear more about your own grand children's births.

Laura Jane said...

Hi Pauline

Welcome to the blogosphere. Good midwifery information from experienced midwives is sorely needed to help encourage women to birth less medically and turn the wheel back towards normal birth.

Way to go

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