Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Back to blogging.... Missed you all!

Well at long last I have come back to blogging - I have thought of blogging often, however something had to give in my life and at the time blogging was it. Just looking at the date I last blogged and it has been well over a year.......how time flies when you are having fun.

It was not a deliberate decision it was one made out of necessity an unconscious decision and now I have time again I will start again to blog.
I have some decisions to make about how my blog is to go forward - but for now I will just write a couple of blogs - a few catch up blogs before I decide what will come of 'infomidwife' - I would like to tie up a few loose ends and then move forward.
I am mostly looking forward to a long earned holiday - 6 weeks in Europe which will incorporate the ICM Prague Conference. - I almost have to remember how to navigate the blog again, its a bit like riding a bike - it all comes flooding back.
Hope to catch you soon.

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